Bonnel Spring

If you're in the market for a high-quality bedding component, you may have heard of Bonnel Springs. These are among the most popular spring types used in mattress construction, and for good reason.

What Are Bonnel Springs?

Bonnel Springs, also known as "open coils," is a type of steel coil used in bedding applications. They have a classic hourglass shape and are interconnected with wire to create a supportive and comfortable sleep surface. Bonnel Springs is a popular choice for mattresses, but can also be used in other bedding products such as box springs, foundation layers, and more.

Benefits of Bonnel Springs

Affordability: Bonnel Springs are a budget-friendly option for those looking to create high-quality bedding products without breaking the bank.

Comfort: The hourglass shape of Bonnel Springs provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface that can help relieve pressure points.

Durability: Bonnel Springs are known for their durability, making them a great choice for long-term use.

Easy maintenance: Because they are connected with wire, Bonnel Springs are easy to clean and maintain over time.

Why Choose DREAMLEADER for Your Bonnel Springs?

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